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Guido Cagnacci was an Italian painter. He was born in Santarcangelo di Romagna and was associated with the Baroque period. His mature works were characterized by chiaroscuro and sensual subjects. He was influenced by the Bolognese School and by the artists of the time. His work is best known for portraits of the aristocracy.

Cagnacci studied naturalism and art in Bologna. He had numerous commissions from the clergy of Rimini. As a young man, he was in love with the Countess Teodora Stivivi, who was married to a wealthy aristocrat. Despite his ambitions, Cagnacci was forbidden to marry a commoner, and his marriage to Teodora Stivivi ended in tragedy.

While his life was tragic, his work is still highly regarded by art lovers. His first major exhibition was at the Musei San Domenico in Rome in 1658. His subsequent life in Austria and the courts of Leopold I are noteworthy for highlighting Italy's role as an art centre. 

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