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Caillebotte's background and his surroundings are always connected to his work. He was born into a wealthy family in Paris and studied engineering and law at the Lycee Louis Le Grand. He served during the Franco-Prussian War and was drafted into the Seine Garde Mobile. In 1872, he joined the studio of Leon Bonnat, passing the entrance exam for the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. The following year, he attended the first Impressionist exhibition, but his stay was brief.

In the 1880s, his output of work declined dramatically. His new interests led him to collect stamps and sailboats, two of which are on permanent display at the British Library. His style of painting also changed from realistic landscapes to impressionist landscapes. He began exhibiting with the Impressionists, but his works were much more varied than theirs. Eventually, he became one of the most respected painters of the nineteenth century.

One of the best-known paintings by Caillebotte is the famous "Seascape with Boats", which shows the artist relaxing in a moor. The work also depicts a flock of ducks on a lake. The seascapes in this painting are so mystical that the viewer might think they are on an expedition. Aside from the enchanting atmosphere of the work, they also depict a stiflingly cold ocean.

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