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Mary Stevenson Cassatt was an American painter and printmaker. Born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, she spent much of her adult life in Paris. She became friends with Edgar Degas and exhibited alongside the Impressionists. Many of her paintings are considered masterpieces. In addition to being a great painter, her prints are considered a testament to her life and talent. 

Cassatt spent 18 months living in Paris with her sister Lydia. The two sisters shared the apartment with Mary, but Cassatt cherished the companionship of her parents, and she decided to leave Paris to focus on her art. Her sister Lydia suffered from recurring bouts of illness, and she died in 1882. Nonetheless, the two of them remained close. Although Mary was not married at this time, she was influenced by the works of other artists who had come before her.

She was a feminist before the word was even coined. In 1882, she organized an exhibition in New York to raise money for the cause. Her work remained popular in the 1920s and she was awarded the French Legion of Honor. She died in 1914 in her home in Mesnil-Theribus, France. The paintings in this collection are an excellent example of her artistic ability. 

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