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Several other renowned artists depicted centaurs, including Botticelli. The Centaur Painting by Botticelli was a part of the project for the Sistine Chapel. The centaur appears to have been arrested as he is about to shoot his bow. The artist also included an emblem of the Medici family, a symbol of the Medici family. A third common interpretation is that the woman is the mother of the Centaur.

Another popular centaur painting is the portrait of Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, a fashion model and former model. This work shows the bare-chested star in a variety of poses, including sunbathing in Central Park, glomming on to the Madonna for a spiritual awakening, and kissing himself in a full-length mirror in a photo shoot for Details. This centaur painting is an excellent representation of the centaur's personality.

One of the most famous Centaur paintings is the Lefkandi mosaic. This sculpture is the earliest known representation of the centaur in art, predating all literary references by two centuries. This piece also depicts a female Centaur with the bestial ears of a Satyr. A great example of the most popular Centaur Paintings is the famous Egyptian marble statue of Medusa.

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