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Giovanni Battista Cima, also known as Cima da Conegliano, was a Venetian painter. His art is mostly influenced by Antonello da Messina and his landscape background paintings emphasize the tranquil atmosphere. His paintings are also popular today because they feature serene moods and beautiful landscape backgrounds. 

Though he worked in Venice for most of his life, Cima da Conegliano also returned to his hometown to create works of art. His paintings of his birthplace include landscapes in varying perspectives, permutations, and angles. Other of his most popular works are his religious pictures, including the Virgin and Child. These works show a strong personal connection to the artists and have been exhibited throughout the world.

His earliest work is a 1486 altarpiece for the town of Vicenza. A major commission for an altarpiece in Olera, near Bergamo, was his first major commission in Venice. By the 1490s, Cima had become a leading Venetian painter. His most important works are of the sacra conversazione type. In addition to painting major altarpieces, he also specialized in half-length Madonnas for private devotion.

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