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Composition VII (1913), a famous painting by Wassily Kandinsky is the best addition to the abstract art masterpieces. This amazing artwork is better known as a logical continuation under the theme Apocalypse; the other two paintings of the series include Song V ad Song VI.

Flood and Resurrection are the essential elements of Composition VI. Wassily created many such abstract paintings in the 20th century, and they express a variety of feelings. If we talk about Composition VII, some people relate it to expressing anger, negative reaction, frustration, or disgust as well. We must say that it is difficult to understand compilation, especially for those who are just entering the world of abstract art. 

Structural details of Composition VII:

This painting has a massive dimension of 200x300 cm, and the surface is precisely covered with overlapping amorphous forms. There are many random lines with vivid, blurred, and minefield colors. Viewers cannot relate it to the real world; everything seems to be originated from illusion. Those who are not creative enough to enter the mysteries hidden inside may find this painting totally useless. But those who can pay attention to the visual, intellectual, and spiritual dividends of life, they take out many interesting things out of Composition VII.

Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky is a precious piece of art for many who appreciate physical, visual and format qualities of artwork and especially to those who can connect to the spirituality hidden in the masterpieces of Wassily Kandinsky.

Series of Seven Paintings:

Wassily Kandinsky actually created a series of seven paintings from 1910 to 1939 and gave them a title Composition. Unfortunately, only seven of those paintings survived so long; the first three were destroyed during 1st world war. However, you can easily find the photographs of the first three paintings; they may lack in terms of visuals, but they can reveal the visual journey of Wassily Kandinsky.

Experts reveal that the forms of animals and humans are still recognizable in Composition III, but they are completely unrecognizable in Composition VII. As a general idea, the painting displays two towers standing atop, figures reclining towards lower side and the hill on the upper right portion; however, the first-time viewers cannot define the in-depth details of this painting.

The amazing masterpiece:

Wassily Kandinsky spent several months for creating writeup for Composition VII; however, the painting was completed only within four days. He created almost 30 sketches on two canvases; few of them appears to be inspired from the famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio; especially the leaves on the trees, folds of the fabric and human limbs as well. Few sketches are just the repeated version of curved lines. Note that, there are around 15 unique pictures associated with Composition VII; the list includes engraving, paintings on glass, watercolors, pencil sketches, and oil sketches.

For years ahead, many other artists followed the concept of Wassily Kandinsky. Today as well, you can find many unique artworks inspired by abstract art. The interested buyers can go online and pick the real versions of paintings for their home. 

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