Composition VIII


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Model: Kandinsky Wassily-071

Composition VIII by Wassily Kandinky is a 1923 painting featuring geometric shapes in different colours, a pale blue background, and a partially formed triangle. The work was produced in a period of great transition and change for the artist. During this time, he spent several years living in Germany and was drawn back to Russia at the outbreak of the First World War. During this time, he was able to re-connect with the avant-garde movement that was taking place in Germany, and he began to paint again. Despite this, his composition VIII still shows the influence of the nine-year-old painting on his work, and it is a powerful and emotional expression of the artist's vision.

The main features of this painting are the circular shapes that form the composition's basic composition. The circles are not symmetrical and are in contrast with the sparse background, creating a dynamic atmosphere. In addition, the circle is surrounded by a pink and purple ring that resembles a halo. These colors, together with the yellow, are also the source of the artist's underlying spirituality.

Although it may look unappealing at first, the geometric shapes in Composition VIII are highly reminiscent of the sun. The colors are often neutral, but the shape of the circle is strikingly beautiful. The black, purple, and pink circles are meant to suggest a halo around the eclipsed sun. In some ways, these are similar to the effects of Synesthesia. Some people even associate sounds with shapes.

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