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In the Romantic tradition, landscape painting was revolutionized by the English painter John Constable RA. He was born in Suffolk and is best known for his works on Dedham. His landscapes in the town center are some of his best-known works. The town of Dedham inspired many of Constable's other works, including the famous Dedham panorama. The artist's pictures of Suffolk have become important classics of English art.

While living in Hampstead, Constable and his wife married. They honeymooned in Dorset and toured the south coast of England. The seascapes they saw at Brighton and Weymouth greatly influenced his style. After their honeymoon, they lived in Bloomsbury and later moved to Hampstead. This is the earliest painting by John Constand. The Hay Wain, in particular, has become a masterpiece and a great inspiration to other French landscape painters.

While the portraits he created at the Royal Academy were not the most popular paintings, he continued to exhibit his work across the country. The Liverpool Academy, Birmingham Society of Arts, and Worcester Institution, among others, were his first venues. In 1831, he was appointed as a visiting professor at the Academy, and began to give lectures about the history of landscape painting. He proposed three thesis statements, including: landscape painting is scientific, landscape painting is poetic, and art cannot be made without the imagination. He also spoke against the Gothic Revival movement and promoted the idea of learning from masters.

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