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E. Irving Couse was a famous American artist and the first president of the Taos Society of Artists. 

E. Irving Couse was born in Saginaw, Michigan and trained classically in New York, Chicago, and Paris. His friend Joseph Henry Sharp encouraged him to visit Taos, and in 1891 he bought a convent and made it his permanent home. Although he remained active in his hometown of Saginaw, Couse remained a member of the Taos tribe and became an institution among his people.

After graduating from high school, Couse spent some time studying in Taos, New Mexico. The town was untouched by national expansion efforts, and the artists of the 19th century came to Taos to explore the indigenous culture. He studied the Indian culture of the Taos tribe, and began painting them. He was recognized for his work and received many awards. His first solo exhibition took place in 1891. Soon after, he was elected to the National Academy of Design and was active in the Taos art colony.

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