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A revolutionary movement in early twentieth-century art, Cubism revolutionized painting and sculpture in Europe. The movement also inspired related movements in architecture and literature. For those unfamiliar with the term, cubism means "cubes." However, the term is far more encompassing than it sounds. It refers to a type of art form that consists of a set of cubic shapes, arranged into patterns. The shape of each individual block is a symbol, and its use in a piece of art reflects this.

Although cubism was short-lived, its influence is still evident in today's art. Many artists from this movement are now collectors' favorites, and the movement's work can be found in museums and galleries throughout the world. Aside from being a huge influence on art, the movement was influential in sculpture and architecture. Abstract expressionist and Dada movements both owe their beginnings to cubism. Both have their share of followers and fans, and each generation of artists influenced by the other.

The influence of Cubism is reflected in the art of today. Gertrude Stein, who was an early supporter of the movement, was influenced by it. She used repetitive phrases and images in her writing, and Picasso influenced her deeply. William Faulkner was another influential artist of this movement, as well. And the movement was relatively short-lived, but its impact on the world of art can't be understated.

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