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One of the most popular artists from Norway is Hans Dahl, known for his stunning paintings of the Norwegian fjords and surrounding landscapes. His works are often considered to be among the finest in the country. While this is true, the Norwegian painter is also known for his work on other topics, such as seascapes and Norwegian fjords. Here are some facts about Dahl and his paintings. Let's take a look at the main themes of his work.

First, Dahl was a Norwegian by birth. He was a line officer in the regular army. He studied under Riefstahl and Hans Gude, both of whom stressed the grandeur of Norway in his landscapes. He later went on to study under E. Von Gebhardt in Dusseldorf. In the summers, he traveled extensively in Norway. He also visited Berlin, London, and Paris. He was known to be the first to use a camera in a painting and the first to use it to photograph the landscapes.

His work gained widespread recognition during the 1890s. He was a member of the Dusseldorf School of painting. After graduating, he moved to Berlin and was awarded the knighthood of the Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav. Throughout his career, he continued to visit his summer home in Balestrand, where he lived until his death in 1923. In addition to exhibiting his paintings in Europe, Dahl was honored by the Kaiser Wilhelm II in Germany. He also received a professorship from the Art Academy in 1907.

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