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Danish-Norwegian artist Johan Christian Claussen Dahl (1859-1931), also known as J. C. Dahl or I. C., is widely considered the first great romantic painter of Norway. He is considered the founder of the Norwegian painting "golden age." His works have become popular world wide. They have earned him the title of one of the greatest European artists of all time. The paintings of his life are truly beautiful and have a timeless quality.

The artist studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, and visited Dresden in 1818. In Dresden, he met Caspar David Friedrich, an influential German landscape painter who embraced religious symbolism within the landscape. While Friedrich's art was influenced by his own background in the renaissance, Dahl was much more modern in his style. He tempered his religious symbolism with a more naturalistic approach to his landscapes.

While Dahl spent most of his life outside of Norway, his love for the country is apparent in his landscapes. He was a major contributor to the establishment of the Norwegian National Gallery and several major art institutions in Norway, and his work helped preserve the traditional Norwegian stave churches and fortresses. In addition to painting, Dahl was also an important figure in the preservation and restoration of Norway's national and religious monuments.

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