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An Irish painter during the Romantic period, Francis Danby was one of the best-known Romantic painters. His imaginative landscapes were comparable to those by John Martin. He developed his style at the Bristol School. He had many influential students during his lifetime, and his imaginative style is one of the reasons why so many people admire his work. Here are some of his most popular works. So what was so appealing about his landscapes?

The paintings by Francis Danby show a wealth of imagination, but are often dull and labored. They frequently recur to the red glow of sunset and golden dawn. The artist's constant striving to achieve a particular effect fails to impress the imagination. Moreover, the paintings do not stand up well over time, and they have a glassy surface, which tends to obscure the image. Although his work was influential and well-received by critics, his art has not been able to maintain its freshness.

The paintings by Francis Danby were popular in the nineteenth century, but his career suffered after his divorce. His wife had been cheating on him for years, and in 1829, she left him for painter Paul Falconer. The two were married and the couple lived on Lake Geneva. Their sons were raised by their new spouses. In 1830, Danby moved to Paris with his family. He died there in 1850. And in 1840, he exhibited a painting called The Deluge, his largest painting.

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