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A renowned draughtsman, Daret was influenced by his contemporary, Robert Campin. In 1435, he was commissioned to paint an altarpiece in Bruges for the Abbey of Saint-Vaast. He also worked for the Burgundian court in Lille, and in Bruges for the Abbey of Saint Vaast. His output consists of four panels from an altarpiece in Arras preserved in the Gemaldegalerie in Berlin and the Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid. The surviving altarpiece in Angers is the only complete example of the artist's work.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Daret's works were not published until the fifteenth century. He was apprenticed to Robert Campin in Tournai and then to Rogelet de la Pasture in Arras. The two artists are presumed to be the same person, though it is unknown. The style of Daret's works is similar to that of Robert Campin. His major work, The Nativity, is one of his most famous pieces and was patronized by the abbot of St. Vaast in Arras.

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