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In the Neoclassical style, Jacques-Louis David was considered the leading painter of the period. The artist painted religious, portrait, and landscape subjects. The paintings that he produced were admired and collected all over the world. His work is considered to be among the best in this genre. His works reflect his religious and cultural views. This French painter was acclaimed as a master of Neoclassical art. Regardless of whether they are in private or public collections, they are always worth a look.

In the 1780s, David studied the works of Italian masters in Rome. There, he radically changed his style from rococo to Italian. He visited Naples in 1779 and completed the transition to Italian painting in Lille. Upon returning to Paris, David turned to painting portraits of martyred men and women. His work includes Death of Marat (1793), Death of Lepeletier de Saint-Fargeau (1793), and Death of Joseph Bara (1794).

During the French Revolution, David was active in the political side of the revolution. He served on the National Council, which organised propaganda. He was also politically astute, and he altered his works to meet the needs of his patrons. His influence on art was enormous, and his style has been imitated by scores of artists since then. While in prison, David painted a landscape view of the Luxembourg Gardens. These works are among the best examples of David's naturalistic style.

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