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Whether you're searching for an 18th century dog painting or a contemporary piece, you'll find it at Outpost Art. Our artists specialize in dog painting reproductions, and the collection includes nine Old Masters and one modern example. Regardless of the time period, these colorful accents are sure to brighten any room. There are several benefits to buying an antique painting of your dog, including the fact that it's guaranteed to be unique.

A modern art piece of dog paintings can add a touch of nostalgia to your home. Choosing a hand-painted dog art will show your loved ones that you appreciate the breed. You can even customize the sign with the breed name. For a unique gift, consider a door sign. Or a door hanging depicting your best friend. These works of art will make great additions to any room. Alternatively, you can choose from ready-to-hang dog paintings, or have them shipped directly to your door.

Paintings of dogs have a long history of being popular in Western art. The first is their use as companions. During the Renaissance, dogs became an important status symbol. They were allowed to live in homes and were often portrayed sitting on the ladies' laps. Hunting dogs were typically associated with the aristocracy. Only the aristocracy could own hunting dogs. Aristocratic art shows dogs being part of the family.

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