Dream of the Fisherman's Wife


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Model: Hokusai-008

Katsushika Hokusai has created several wonderful artworks in his life but one of the most famous masterpieces of this well-known artist. It is The Dream of The Fisherman’s Wife; one of the most visualized artworks of Hokusai on the internet. The most interesting thing to know about this artwork is the text behind it that tells the whole story about the image. Although so many people have translated this text till now as per their knowledge about language there are very few translations that depict the real meaning of this artwork.

This is actually a frightful image showing naked women encountered by two octopuses. The large pupils of octopus are highlighted in a dreadful way with; they have the shape of quarter moons in black color. The larger octopus sucks the nether regions of naked women whereas the smaller one attacks on her mouth and left nipple. The text written in the background of this image displays the deep sexual pleasure that these creatures are having along with the women.

This artwork was created in the year 1814; it was the Edo period and at this time people around the world were finding new ideas about sexuality. At that time Hokusai created this kinky woodcut art piece of nude women and this artwork gained huge popularity worldwide. It is one of the most wonderful artworks of Japanese history and the artist has related this painting to a beautiful story. All details are written on the background and they display the immense sexual pleasure that the women and octopus are having with their moves. History reveals that this sexy stuff with a nude appearance was accepted easily in the country. One awkward story reveals that this painting was also gifted to new brides as an instructional manual in the country.

The Dream of The Fisherman’s Wife artwork itself depicts lots of sensual elements and the one who can translate the language behind can have a dive into the deep imagination of the artist. Every part of the painting is completed with an ultimate touch of artistic imagination that makes it an unforgettable masterpiece of Japanese history. Today also, this artwork is displayed in so many museums in Japan and also in many other corners of the world. Some people also display its translations to make viewers understand what the idea behind this painting is. You can easily find copies of the dream of the fisherman's wife print for sale online and purchase it at a reasonable price in print form as well as in form of oil paintings. You can gift it to someone in your friend circle or get it hanged on your wall in the bedroom.

The original dimensition is 16.51 cm x 22.23 cm, a very small size if hang on wall. However, we can make it on canvas in oil at any sizes, we had rich experience in painting The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife in big sizes, like 120 x 180 cm or even larger custom sizes.

Remark: There are lots of japanese charactors on the background, it is highly recommended to order sizes larger than 50 x 60 cm for better details.

Below is an oil painting reproduction we have done:

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