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American realist painter, sculptor, and photographer Thomas Eakins is recognized as one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century. He was a well-respected fine artist and educator, and is known worldwide. His work was influential to the art world, and his images are still widely admired today. His works include portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. His paintings and sculptures depict everyday life, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

While Eakins was still a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, he was soon named a National Academician. However, despite his artistic genius, his works were initially viewed by art critics with much reluctance. It wasn't until 1917-18 that his work was finally recognized as an artistic masterpiece. Although the work of Thomas Eakins was not appreciated during his lifetime, it was still influential and inspired late nineteenth-century American Realism.

Though the works of Eakins are quite remarkable, he remains a controversial figure. His actions towards women have been condemned. A number of his unpublished notes show instances of pressure and coercion on his subjects. This was a sign of the artist's sexuality. The artist also took photos of women while nude. A series of nude photographs, "The Nightmare of the Giant," was taken in 1879.

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