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Andries Van Eertvelt was a great marine painter in the Baroque period. Born in Antwerp, he soon became a member of the Guild of St. Luke and became a master of many artists. After his wife's death, he travelled to Italy and Switzerland, where he worked in the Cornel studio. In 1630, he returned to Antwerp and painted a portrait of himself. Andries' paintings were known for their vivid colors, which gave them dramatic dimension. He also loved to play with light and color, which gave them a certain zest for life.

After moving to the Netherlands, Andries Van Eertvelt travelled to many other parts of Europe and became an important Flemish marine painter. Although there is little information about his educational background, his works were exported to Spain, Portugal, and other European countries. His portrait was painted by Anthony van Dyck, and the artist has been mentioned in the Dutch Republic for about a decade after his death. The artist was also a popular teacher for other Flemish artists of the time, and his portrait by Van Dyck is a famous example.

Andries van Eertvelt is considered to be the first Flemish marine painter. Although he also painted biblical subjects and landscapes, his popularity has been limited to the lower classes. Andries van Eertvelt is one of the most well-known Flemish marine painters, and his works have been exhibited internationally. If you are a fan of art, you should seek out an Andries Van Eertvelt portrait.

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