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Pieter Janssens Elinga is a Dutch painter. His works were mainly portraits and figurative pieces. The artist's life span was relatively short, lasting only a little over twenty years. 

Elinga was born in Bruges and studied under his father, the painter Gijsbrecht Janssens. Elinga changed his name to Elinga when he moved to Rotterdam and later to Amsterdam. He died in Amsterdam in 1657 and was last recorded alive in 1657, at which time his widow registered in Amsterdam. In 1682, his wife also registered in Amsterdam. He was a follower of Pieter de Hooch and Willem Kalf.

His work is distinguished by his unique style. He mastered the technique of perspective and emphasized the use of rectangular elements. His work also included still lifes and domestic interior scenes. In addition to still lifes, he influenced Carel Fabritius, who painted the famous View of Delft. Both of them were influential, but Elinga was not Pieter de Hooch's pupil.

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