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Adam Elsheimer was a German artist who lived in Rome and died at the young age of 32. His relatively few works were very small and painted on copper plates. These paintings are called cabinet paintings. They were highly important in the early 17th century art scene. During his lifetime, he influenced many artists working in the late Renaissance and Baroque periods. This artist's influence can still be seen today in many of the works of famous artists.

Elsheimer studied in Frankfurt, where he met Albrecht Durer, who painted the Heller Altar, and Hans Holbein d. A., and Matthias Grunewald. He was a student of Veronese and Tintoretto, and worked with Hans Rottenhammer in Rome. During his years in Rome, he exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, and eventually he established his own style.

Although his life was short, his works were significant. At the time of his death, Elsheimer was living in Rome. While in Rome, he made friends with people who had worked with Rottenhammer. One of them was Giovanni Faber, a botanist, collector, and Curator of the Vatican Botanical Garden. They were both members of the Accademia dei Lincei, a small intellectual coterie that focused on the natural sciences.

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