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Flemish Baroque painter Jacob Foppens van Es is one of the most renowned Flemish artists. He is best known for his flower and still life paintings, and he often collaborated with other artists to create garland paintings. Although he was a relatively obscure artist, his work is worth considering. 

While he is most famous for his paintings of fruits and flowers, he was born in Antwerp and was probably a native of the city. An engraved portrait by Wenceslaus Hollar in 1617 confirms that Foppens van Es was born in Antwerp, although his earliest paintings are from outside Antwerp. He also became master of the Guild of St. Luke in 1617, which suggests that he trained outside of the city.

During his lifetime, Jacob Foppens van Es remained active in Antwerp, where he became close friends with several other artists including Cornelis Schut and Jacob Jordaens. He also taught Jan van Tienen and later Jacob Gillis. He died on 11 March 1666 and is buried in Antwerp. His works are widely collected, but there is no way to date them.

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