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Juan Antonio de Fras y Escalante is one of the most important Spanish Baroque Golden Age painters. His work exemplifies the beauty and elegance of Baroque Spain. Although his paintings were rarely reproduced in their entirety, they are still considered among the finest in the Baroque world. His work is considered by many to be among the finest of the Spanish Baroque Golden Age.

Escalante was born in Cordoba and trained in the studio of Antonio del Castillo. He later moved to Madrid where he studied under Francisco Rizi. There, he encountered the works of Italian and Venetian painters. He copied their compositions and graceful poses, as well as using Flemish prints. He also looked at the elegant models of Alonso Cano.

Escalante is best known for his paintings of the Virgin Mary. This famous painting of the Virgin and St. Catharine is one of his most renowned works. He died in Madrid in 1670. His life was filled with art and adventure, and his art was highly regarded. This abolitionist artist has a reputation as one of the most influential and creative Spanish historical painters.

Escalante's works are often reminiscent of the abolitionist uprisings in the seventeenth century. His paintings of the Catholic Church are particularly notable. There are a few hundred and fifty of his most famous works. Moreover, he was a skilled agriculturist and a popular figure during the Baroque Golden Age. The great Spanish artist was also a prolific painter.

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