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Allaert van Everdingen studied under Pieter de Molijn in Haarlem and Roelandt Savery in Utrecht. After graduating, he joined the guild of painters and engravers. In 1643, he travelled to Sweden and Norway, where he painted scenes of the countryside. In 1645, he visited Risor and the southern port of Stavanger. In the following year, he traveled to the Bothusland province in western Sweden and made sketches of its landscape.

Allaert's work was influential to many artists of his day. His early paintings of coast scenery established his position as a leading marine painter in the tradition of Jan Porcellis. His work in this genre was limited, though, and the monochrome palette was reminiscent of the Dutch naturalists. In his later years, he continued to make naturalistic paintings inspired by his fellow artists.

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