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Carel Fabritius (1628–1691) was a Dutch painter. During his early years, he studied under Rembrandt in the master's studio in Amsterdam. After a short time, he established his own artistic style and began experimenting with lighting and perspective. One of his most famous paintings, The Meeting of Saints Peter and Paul, is considered one of the best works of the Dutch Golden Age.

Despite being born to a teacher, Fabritius was dedicated to painting in his free time. He and his father, Barent, ran a carpentry business. The novel was later turned into a Hollywood movie in 2019. Ansel Elgort starred as the protagonist, Theo, who keeps the painting as a secret. The film made the artist's "priceless" painting immortal.

Fabritius's work features a fanciful perspective that was popular during his time. He often produced a series of perspective boxes, including his signature one, Portrait of Abraham de Potter. A trompe-l'oeil nail protrudes from the weather-beaten wall in this painting, which is in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Unlike Rembrandt, Fabritius's paintings are not the most popular, but they can be fascinating and unique.

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