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The genre of fairy painting emerged during the mid-Victorian period, when famous painters began dabbling with fairy-like characters. These artists, however, soon grew dissatisfied with the work of their peers, and decided to specialize in fairy-painting. The result is a wonderful collection of whimsical illustrations that will delight children of all ages. 

Victorian Fairy Painting flourished in the 1840s, when the interest in fantasy art began to rise. While some of the earliest fairy artists had produced fairy paintings as early as the 17th century, many modern painters were drawn to the style. William Blake and Henry Fuseli, for example, were early practitioners of the genre. But the first artist to be associated with fairy paintings, Richard Dadd, became the most popular fairy painter. His works were widely accepted, and his fairy-themed artworks were used to create the film trilogy of The Lord of the Rings.

Fairy paintings were popular with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a group of artists who drew inspiration from fairy tales and myths. In 1849, John Everett Millais created a series of fairy paintings based on Shakespeare's "The Tempest." The Pre-Raphaelites also took an artistic approach to the subject matter, creating pieces such as Ferdinand Lured by Ariel.

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