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Henry François Farny was an American painter and illustrator whose work focused on Native Americans in the 19th century. His paintings, illustrations, and drawings are a great source of inspiration for artists today. 

Born in France, Farny was a political refugee when he was six years old. He emigrated to Pennsylvania, where he cultivated a friendly relationship with the local Seneca Indians. As a result, Farny developed a lifelong fascination with Native Americans. His art is now prized for its realism, beauty, and emotional content. The images in his paintings are so colorful that they inspire children to learn more about the cultures and people of the United States.

Farny's most popular paintings are of rural America and Native Americans. He is best known for his portrayals of Sitting Bull. His work has been valued ever since his death in 1916. A small-sized painting of "Peace and Plenty" sold for $44,000 in Cincinnati in 1981. Larger paintings can sell for well over two hundred thousand dollars. Many of Farny's works are on permanent display in the Cincinnati Museum of Art.

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