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According to ancient Chinese beliefs, deer symbolize long life. In fact, ancient Chinese believed that deer are immortal. As a result, deer paintings of these creatures are often of a serene mood. The best Feng Shui paintings feature the animal in a peaceful environment, and you should hang them in corners where you want to increase your wealth. A good place to hang a deer painting is in a sector with a favorable flying mountain star.

Feng Shui deer paintings can represent the fortunes of the person who has them. The deer is the ultimate lucky symbol for money luck, and a deer painting with 5 deers is the best way to attract money. The word deer is pronounced lu, and the Chinese call it "road." A Chinese painting with two or more deers on it suggests a smooth road. While the Chinese deer is the most common animal for luck in Feng shui, it is also one of the most popular symbols in the Chinese language.

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