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Feng Shui Horse Paintings have several positive effects on the placement of items in your home. One of these is bringing prosperity to your home. If you have a painting of seven or eight horses galloping in the same direction, you should consider placing it in your main living area, but do not place it in your bathroom. It will confuse the chi energy and detract from the room's harmony.

Feng Shui recommends hanging a horse painting near the entrance. Hanging a horse painting in a doorway will intensify its positive effects. It will also bring fame and respect to you. A galloping horse is also a good luck symbol, because it captures the spirit of the fire element. Its sound is similar to the word "baht," which means luck. It is important to hang a horse painting where you can see it often, so that it will be more effective.

If you have a large space in your home, you can hang a painting of a horse. This will help to attract more wealth to your home. In addition, the positive energy emitted from a horse will also remove negativity. You can hang a painting of a horse on the wall of your home to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance. While it may seem like an incredibly simple idea, the feng shui benefits of a horse painting are numerous.

When placing a Feng Shui Horse Painting in your home, keep in mind that a golden horse is an extremely strong symbol of good luck. While it isn't necessarily bad for your home's luck, you should be careful about where you place it. A golden horse painting should never be hung in the main living room lobby or near the entrance, or washroom. Furthermore, the horse should never be placed facing windows. This could bring about problems for your business, family, or career.

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