Feng Shui Paintings

Buying feng shui paintings for home is an excellent way to enhance the energy in your home. The five elements of feng shui are wood, fire, earth, and water. Each of these elements has a unique cycle of creation and destruction. The painting you choose must not clash with one element of the other. If you do, you risk causing a conflict. In order to avoid this, choose artwork that represents all five elements.

In general, fire and water colors are considered the most auspicious. You can use them to decorate the living room and bedroom. For the kitchen, use a painting of a goldfish with one black fish. The goldfish symbolize the yang, while the black fish symbolize the yin, which absorbs negative energy. A total of eight goldfish and a blackfish will be favorable.

Other colors to consider when choosing feng shui paintings for home include wood and water. This combination is a combination of fire and water. While these elements may conflict with each other, they can be used in conjunction with one another to enhance the overall feng shui energy in the house. For example, you should never place the water, fire, and refrigerator on the same line. In addition, you should always choose paintings that depict nature, such as a landscape, to create a more peaceful and prosperous home.

Choosing a feng shui painting for home is not as difficult as you may think. Just as with any other kind of art, you should carefully consider where you will place the painting in your home. If the painting is hanging in a corner of your house, choose one that is in the same room as the main door. Otherwise, you will be dissatisfied with the feng shui painting for your bedroom.