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When it comes to feng shui, a waterfall painting can help your career. Its sound is said to soothe the nervous system and help a person sleep without dreaming. A waterfall painting is also a good idea for an office, but be cautious about its placement. A waterfall painting should not be displayed in the bedroom as it will suffocate the energy of the room and cause stress. And you should always check the feng shui guidelines before purchasing a water-based painting for your office.

The right place for a waterfall painting is in the north wall of an office. The north wall is the best spot to hang a waterfall painting. The south is the wall of fire and water. These elements are incompatible. A Feng shui painting should be placed on the north wall. Adding a water-based painting to an office is a great way to increase its prosperity. In addition to making your home feel better, a waterfall painting can help improve your career.

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