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If you love Victorian-era portraits and fairy paintings, then you'll enjoy John Anster Christian Fitzgerald. He was known as "Fairy Fitzgerald" for his main genre of painting. As an artist, his work is both beautiful, and the Victorian period was his most prolific. 

The art of John Anster Fitzgerald is based on his fantasy and whimsy. He painted fairy pictures and portraits that are full of colour and pure fantasy. His paintings often depict scenes from his imagination, and he was referred to as "Fairy Fitzgerald" by Harry Furness. He was also a member of the Savage Club and the Maddox Street Sketching Club, and he was well known for his beautiful landscapes and dazzling landscapes.

Though he had no formal art training, John Anster Christian Fitzgerald was accepted at the Royal Academy and British Institution, and he went on to exhibit his paintings there. Although he did not attend art school, Fitzgerald eventually became a prominent portrait painter. During his career, he also earned the nickname of "fairy painter," which refers to his focus on painting fairies and other mythical creatures in imaginative settings.

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