Flaming June


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Painting Price: $175.00
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Model: Lord Frederick Leighton-12

Painting Name: Flaming June
Artist: Leighton, Lord Frederick
Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas

Probably the most famous picture of late-19th British artwork, the painting is actually more well known than the artist himself. Leighton's Flaming June, was created in 1895, which  is certainly a late reflection  of Pre-Raphaelite standards not to mention style and design, it is also a symptom of the origin of Symbolist movement which took over a lot of the other half of the 19th century. Flaming June is one of the most popular oil painting reproductions as well, Leighton didn't give an precise imitation of his woman body towards her kitty posture. Alternatively, he remake the physical body to adapt to his ideal lying posture, the artist's style for artifice appropriately demonstrated the likes of his modern viewers. The angelic dream of Flaming June helps make it the wonderful decorating item, just as peaceful plus sleepy like the lady on the artwork.

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