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Flemish painter, draughtsman, tapestry designer, and printmaker, Frans Floris was a part of the Northern Renaissance. He is best known for his history paintings, allegorical scenes, and portraits. His works were influential in the development of the Italianate style in northern European painting. In his time, he also was a member of Romanism

Floris's art was highly regarded by the nobility. His reputation as an artist and his ability to judge any topic drew the attention of the nobility. Because of his artistic abilities, he joined the circle of leading humanists. His friends included Abraham Ortelius, Christophe Plantin, Lambert Lombard, Dominicus Lampsonius, Hieronymus Cock, and Lucas de Heere.

In 1549, Floris made his public debut as a painter. His first major commission was a 28-meter high arch for Philip II and Charles V in Antwerp. Other works by Floris included scores of altarpieces, portraits, and independent canvases. He also produced more than 200 engravings. His art is the gold standard of Antwerp. But Floris's greatest contribution was his ability to create a wide variety of works in a range of subjects.

After graduating from the Flemish Academy of Fine Arts, Frans went to Italy, where he studied under the great Lombard. He was greatly influenced by the art of Michelangelo, who impressed him with his masterpiece, The Last Judgement. The following year, Floris was a master of the guild in Antwerp. He also created some of the finest works of art in Flemish history.

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