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Known for his paintings and writings, Eugne Fromentin was also an author and poet. 

Eugene Fromentin had studied under Remond for a year before switching to study under Cabat. Fromentin was highly respected as an author, and he attributed much of his success to his professor. He was a prolific writer, and wrote many books on art history, art theory, and travel. He also authored The Old Masters of Belgium, which focused on the complexity of Rembrandt's paintings.

Fromentin's work is an impressive example of mixing different approaches and attitudes. His Orientalism style suited the romantic taste of his time and satiated a general curiosity about exotic cultures and customs. He also adapted this genre by incorporating some fiction into his memoirs. The blending of two forms of writing has the added advantage of allowing the author to be more creative with her words. However, it is important to note that Fromentin did not write the novel in 1845 but instead wrote the novel about it five years later.

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