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Henry Fuseli RA was a Swiss painter, draughtsman, and art critic. His paintings typically deal with supernatural themes. He created a Milton Gallery and painted for John Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery. His works are highly sought after and are often collected by private collectors. He died in London in 1957. The RA was awarded a Gold Medal in 1977 for his lifetime contribution to the arts.

He was born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1752. His father, Johann Caspar Fussli, was a collector of 16th and seventeenth century Swiss paintings, and he appreciated Neoclassical ideas. When he was eight, Fuseli began sketching his father's art collection. His father disapproved of his son's interest in art, however. His classmates at school included Johann Kaspar Lavater and Joseph Jacobs.

The Enlightenment movement was a time of rationalism that was aimed at eliminating subjective expression. Fuseli was an early champion of this movement, but he was also a strong opponent of the strictures of rationalism. As a result, his drawings were admired by the likes of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In addition to his art, Fuseli was the first artist to master heroic history and epic literature.

His erotic and violent paintings are renowned throughout the world. He patented a series of macabre fantasies and a passion for sexuality. Although his style was rather dark and edgy, Fuseli's sexy subjects eventually gained a wider audience. His work inspired many contemporary artists, including poet Edgar Allan Poe. And his influence even influenced the work of H.P. Lovecraft.

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