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The baroque painters of the seventeenth century include two Italian women: Artemisia Lomi and a female artist known as the Gentileschi. Both women were among the finest artists of their era. The earliest works by Artemisia Lomi are believed to be copies of Caravaggio, and she began producing professional works at the age of fifteen. While both are considered to be Italian Baroque artists, there is disagreement as to whether they were created in the seventeenth century or the eighteenth.

Although her father was a famous artist, Artemisia's career is not as well-known. The rape that happened to her is not well-known, but her paintings are still incredibly popular and inspiring. In fact, her rape was so common that it is often used to justify Artemisia's artistic work. Maringhi was partly responsible for keeping the couple financially stable. Sadly, the raped Artemisia did not make a good husband, and he died in 1633.

The Judith Beheading painting by Artemisia Gentileschi is one of the most popular pieces of art by a woman of the 17th century. It depicts the decapitation of an Assyrian general, and the young Judith tries to escape. Despite the traumatic nature of the situation, the surviving heroines were celebrated for their bravery and courage. Ultimately, it was the woman who made the paintings popular.

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