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Orazio Gentileschi was a painter of the Mannerist style. He used the styles of other artists to paint figures within their decorative schemes, like Caravaggio and Da Vinci. He was influenced by the works of these artists, as well as by the works of Luca Signorelli. He was influenced by the art of the time and the style of Mannerist painting.

The name Orazio Gentileschi comes from the family of an artist who was born in Pisa, Italy. His father was a goldsmith and his brother was a painter. He moved to Rome to care for his uncle, taking the Gentileschi surname from him. He collaborated with the Medici and Caravaggio during their time in Rome, and later went to England, where he was a member of the household of George Villiers.

In 1612, he was called to appear before the Tribunal of Rome for testimony against the artist Giovanni Tassi, who was accused of raping Artemisia Gentileschi. This led to a long and fruitful relationship between Gentileschi and Caravaggio, as both were inspired by the work of the Italian master. The influence of Caravaggio's paintings continued to influence Gentileschi as he moved to oil painting and became more prolific. He painted smaller, more detailed paintings with mythological and religious content, half-figures, and a thriving art career.

During his career, Gentileschi worked in Genoa and Turin. After his move to Rome, he was known for his studies of the life figures and the Renaissance. He also worked in Paris for a time, and in Genoa, he met with the courtly 'international' style of Giovanni Antonio Sauli. In 1625, he was in Genoa and commissioned works by the renowned Italian painter Giovanni Antonio Sauli.

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