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Giotto di Bondone (1530-1608), known in his native language as Giotto, was an Italian painter, architect, and sculptor who lived and worked in Florence during the Gothic/Proto-Renaissance period. His paintings were popular in the 16th century and are widely collected today. Although he was a relatively unknown artist at the time, his works remain a wonderful example of Renaissance art.

Giotto's figures have a disproportionate sense of corporeality. They are clothed in grand folds of drapery and move with measured slowness. Their faces and bodies are rendered in a minimal number of details. Their clothes are also simple, with only a few subtle highlights and shadows. This is why many art critics consider his work so inspiring. But even though he had the talent to create some of the most beautiful works in the history of art, Giotto's style is difficult to understand.

However, his influence continues to live on in his works. While he may have worked on some of the most famous paintings of the Renaissance, his work is not as well known today. While the art world is fascinated by his work, Giotto's most famous works are those of the Renaissance. He painted a large selection of religious works during his lifetime, and many of them remain the best examples of this style. A number of his works have been reproduced, including a masterpiece by Titian.

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