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Greek painter, sculptor, and architect Domnikos Theotokópoulos was known as "El Greco." His nickname was inspired by his love of the sea and his interest in the arts. Often signing his paintings with his full birth name in Greek, he added a Cretan word as well. In the course of his life, he produced more than 1,000 works of art. During his lifetime, he painted over 2,000 works in all mediums.

El Greco spent a great deal of time in Greece, where he studied at the Cretan School of post-Byzantine art. Despite his training in Spain, he drew on his early studies in Greece. Although he is most closely associated with Spanish art, his art has strong roots in the tradition of Greece. Many of his earliest works bear his name in Greek characters. Even though his work is dominated by his paintings, there are few early works of his that survive today.

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