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During the Dutch Golden Age, Dirck Hals was one of the most prolific painters, capturing merry company, ballroom and festival scenes. This type of painting, which he developed along with his brother Frans, is considered the beginning of genre painting. He is also credited with influencing his elder brother's work in the field. Although he did paint some portraits, there are no surviving examples.

A talented portraitist, Hals painted genre scenes and even portraits of the four evangelists. His career spanned from 1617 to 1639, and he was associated with the rederijkerskamer in Haarlem (De Wijngaertranken). His paintings were highly praised by Samuel Ampzing, who praised his ability to capture the character of his sitters. Unfortunately, Hals was plagued by financial problems and did not achieve his full potential until his death.

Though his early career is unknown, we do know that he was close to Van Gogh, who had been a frequent visitor to Haarlem. In fact, Hals and Van Gogh may have even been friends. Despite his small stature, his works reveal a close artistic relationship between the two artists. While he may have had a personal relationship with Van Gogh, he was far more influenced by him.

During his life, Dirck Hals exhibited his paintings in many galleries and private homes. His works include genre scenes and bucolic landscapes, and his work was commended by Samuel Ampzing in 1628. In addition to his brother, he was a member of the Guild of St Luke. The Guild of St Luke had already been established in Antwerp when Dirck Hals was a young man.

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