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Frederick Childe Hassam was an American Impressionist painter who was noted for his coastal and urban scenes. He was also a prominent promoter of the Impressionist movement in the United States, as he helped the movement reach collectors, dealers, and museums.

Childe Hassam's artistic career started at an early age. He enrolled at MIT and attended the Lowell Institute in Boston, where he participated in life painting classes. His first public exhibition was at the Williams and Everett Gallery in Boston, where he exhibited a selection of his works. During this time, he began to use his full name. His first name, Frederick, was dropped after a disagreement with his wife, Celia Thaxter. In 1883, he also started using a "smiley face" as a signature, although the meaning is still unknown.

In 1884, Childe Hassam was heavily influenced by the Impressionists. He shifted his focus to floral depictions. He was also influenced by the landscapes of New York. The artist's career spanned nearly twenty years, but his greatest successes came from the 1890s. His most well-known paintings are characterized by bright colors and a keen interest in urban subjects.

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