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If you are looking for some great art, consider a Robert Henri painting. He was a well-known American painter, teacher, and art collector. His paintings and teaching career have a long and distinguished history, making him a must-see when you visit the museum. You'll be blown away by the talent of this man. Whether you're an art collector or just an amateur, he was an artist you can't miss.

Although he did not paint much in his earlier years, Henri was well-regarded for his portrait paintings. He followed the tradition of American Realism established by Thomas Eakins, refusing to embellish his sitters beyond reality. This characteristic earned him the nickname "Manet of Manhattan." Despite his prolific output, Henri relied on teaching to pay the bills, and his paintings tended to be dark and gloomy.

In his later years, Robert Henri's paintings reflect his life in New York City. He embraced the role of women as artists, and many of his paintings are of female artists. His work has a wide variety of themes, and he often depicts a woman in a role she doesn't have. The acclaimed artist is known for his renowned realism. His painting, "La Neige", is a prime example of this.

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