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American painter Winslow Homer was a master of marine subjects. He is best known for his marine landscapes and prints, but his work is also known for other subject matter, including portraits and still lifes. He was regarded as one of the leading painters of the 19th century and a leading figure in American art. 

Before Freer's famous illustrations, he had already started freelancing for Harper's magazine in 1859. He attended the National Academy of Design briefly and took private painting lessons. In the Civil War, he traveled to the Virginia front several times to document the war. His vivid colors, strong draftsmanship, and realism distinguish his work from other American graphic artists. As a result, many critics consider his illustrations the best of their time.

His paintings were highly influential during the Civil War, where he traveled to cover the conflict. This was a pivotal moment in his career. While he was writing about the war, Homer produced numerous engraving studies of the Northern troops' camps. These paintings captured the daily life of common soldiers. They remain among the most famous works by an American artist. There are also many books and articles on the work of Winslow Homer that are worth exploring.

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