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John Hoppner RA was an English portrait painter who was greatly influenced by the work of Reynolds. Unlike Reynolds, who gained fame as a brilliant colourist, Hoppner was also an accomplished artist, and was very successful in capturing the emotions of his subjects. Here's a look at some of the artist's most popular paintings. They are also a great example of modern British art. But what do you really know about John?

Hoppner was born in London and attended the Royal Academy Schools. He became an Associate in 1778 and a full Academician in 1795. He continued to exhibit at the Royal Academy until his death in 1810. He was a fierce competitor with Lawrence and Beechey, and was often divided in favor in society. Although he was considered a superior painter at the time, he lacked the skills necessary to become a renowned artist.

He became a prominent portrait painter in London after Sir Joshua Reynolds retired in 1789. He specialized in theatrical and literary subjects, such as portraits of prominent military figures. His most famous painting, "Clara at the Tomb of Eloisa," was an example of this. The character Clara in the play "Julie" was a close friend of Eloisa, and Hoppner imagined her mourning at the grave of her deceased lover. He used his wife Phoebe as a model for this painting.

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