Impression Sunrise


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Model: Claude Monet-015

Painting Name: Impression Sunrise
Artist: Claude, Monet
Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas


In 1872 a 32 year old Monet had painted one of the finest works of impressionism itself titled Impression, Sunrise. The setting of the painting is in Le Havre, France where the artist had grown up. The painting is that of the port of Le Havre and is part of a series of paintings Monet did of this scene at different times of the day; dawn, dusk and dark from various angles. Sometimes he paints the port from near the harbour, sometimes from the hotel room like Impression, Sunrise. This painting from the hotel room overlooking the port has become one of the most hailed paintings in the impressionist movement. Paintings like these decorate lobbies of big hotels and office rooms, Monet prints can be found hung everywhere in Parisian lobbies.

Why is the painting so special?

The painting is done in Monet’s typical hazy style which would become his trademark. The scene is not one of great precision but everything seems to be smeared in fog. It would be the kind of view one could get of the harbour when seen in the early morning. It is the feeling the painting evokes in the viewers, a sense of tranquility emanates from the faded painting. Paintings of morning or of sunset are particularly wonderful to have around the house, looking at these beautiful transitions in nature makes humans appreciate all the beauty in the universe. How a simple play of light can transform the whole scene can be seen through the many paintings Monet did of the harbour. It is curious that Monet is primarily famous for his flowers and greenery decides to paint the sea. The two lone boats riding out in the ocean, the newly risen sun still covered with fog and the misty shapes throughout the painting is a scene difficult to find in later Monet. Those who prefer subtler tones for their living or office spaces should look for this or similar prints. Muted interior décor would be perfect for hanging such paintings, like in the retiring or reading room. Nothing that screams for attention but has a quiet dignity about it.

About the significance

Apart from its contribution to the history of fine arts, the painting has some political significance for the nation of France. Why do you think Monet would leave his gardens for the harbour, there were both sentimental and political reasons. The painting shows a black smoke surrounding the sky far away, those are the signs of industrialization which was taking over the west; the smoky steamships are painted alongside the small fisher boats to show their power. After the defeat in 1870 the industrial revolution brought hope to France and they were centred on harbors like La Havre. Paintings of important places that were centre of power are a favourite with people. Many have paintings of Greek and Roman sites as reminders of the beginnings of the western civilization. In any case, landscape paintings are always better décor items than portraits. 

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