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Impressionism is a 19th-century art movement that emphasizes the accurate depiction of light in all its changing qualities. Paintings in this style feature relatively thin brush strokes and an open composition. These painters strived to capture the moment and convey a sense of movement and motion by using a wide range of colors. They also sought to capture the light and its changing qualities. Despite their broad influence, Impressionism remains a relatively obscure movement in art.

The term "Impressionist" refers to the movement's aesthetics. Impressionists worked with different techniques and materials to create their works. In particular, they often painted en plein air and on-site to better capture the fickle and transient effects of light and subject matter. Using various paints, they also broke down their brushstrokes into small, independent ones. They often used dabs and thin layers of paint to create a more vibrant look.

The first series of Impressionist exhibitions were held in 1877 at Feliz Nadar's studio. Their third show, held in 1878, was the first time they started to call themselves Impressionists. The initial impressionist exhibitions did not draw much attention, but the group's later shows attracted larger crowds. However, many Impressionists were extremely poor and never sold many of their works. They also did not sell as many as they had hoped, and many of their works remained unprofitable.

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