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American landscape painters are often overlooked, but the works of George Inness are a great example of their importance. In his work, the artist captures the natural beauty of a place and lets his viewers wander around the landscape. Inness is known for his depictions of the Pacific Coast and the Rocky Mountains.

The artist started his career studying the landscapes of the Hudson River School. In his 30s, he began to encounter European artists and was influenced by the Barbizon style. During this time, he visited Italy, where he was influenced by the work of Claude Lorrain. This inspired Inness to continue his study of the Hudson Valley School, which had a more modern approach. In 1845, he exhibited his first paintings at the National Academy of Design.

He married Delia Miller in 1844, but the identity of his wife is not known. In 1850, he remarried Elizabeth Abigail Hart. Together, they had six children. Inness died in 1894. His life was marked by numerous exhibitions and awards. Inness was a prominent member of the Society of American Artists and was awarded the Academy's Associateship. In fact, he was one of the first artists to exhibit in New York.

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