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Model: Vincent Van Gogh-095

Painting Name: Irises
Artist: Van Gogh, Vincent
Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas
Style: Post-Impressionism
Original Size: 71 x 93 cm
Location: Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California, USA

Vincent painted Irises the year before he end his life, during his live at the asylum in Saint Remy de Provence. He usually use painting to make him away from going mad, and Irises painting was the kind of work which was created before Vincent's first mind harm at the asylum. Just like quite a few of his latter paintings, affected by Japanese woodblock prints, Irises was considered one of the initial pieces he started focus on when he went to the asylum. The creation of the picture in his hospital garden which is split dramatically into good categories, segmenting the blossoms, and then dumping out light, tone, as well as shade throughout the borders of lines along with style. Similar to blossoming almond tree, this Irises painting is actually an trial imitation of Vincent's mind status, combining the vibrant differences involving the Impressionists, who were concentrating on getting the tempo of the town, with the loaded, mood-shifts of his Arles scenery.  Van Gogh's Irises went on to create high price history at auction until finally it was bought by the J. Paul Getty Museum in L . A . in 1990.

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