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The Finnish painter and professor, Erik "Eero" Nikolai Järnefelt, is best known for his landscapes and portraits, including the Koli National Park. He was also a well-known art critic. His work is widely collected in museums and other institutions, with many of his paintings exhibited internationally. 

Jarnefelt studied art in Helsinki. He was appointed Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1874. He also served as the Envoy to Cuba, Washington, D.C., Rome, and Warsaw. His last major work was an altarpiece for a church in Raahe completed in 1926. In 2013, a major retrospective of his work was held, featuring many of his best-known paintings as well as unknown ones.

Despite being a gifted artist, Jarnefelt's early life was filled with conflict. He was opposed by his father, but his desire to become an artist was stronger. In 1873, he attended the drawing school of the Finnish Art Society. From 1878 to 1883, he attended the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. In 1889, he spent two years studying in Paris. During this period, he developed a special interest in naturalist art. His work on the Aurora-seura was completed and destroyed in the bombing of Helsinki in 1944.

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